Week of April 7th

This week was relatively productive. I discovered the name of the sculptor for the Powhatan statue Karen [Adda]. I gleaned this information from video footage of the statue unveiling ceremony in 2007 posted on youtube. This was an awesome source of  information about descriptive, spacial, and decorative aspects of the ceremony. I contacted Barry Trott at the Williamsburg Public Library to see if he could assist me in finding Karen’s contact information or if he had any knowledge about the statue that might be helpful.

Under Mr. Trott’s recommendation I contacted Professor McGlennon (W&M) who also serves on Williamsburg/James City County’s Board of Supervisors and served when the statue was proposed, unveiled, and currently sits while the second statue is being discussed. Professor McGlennon was very helpful and I may consider speaking with him about the statue. He provided me with contact information for two individuals I have been hoping to speak to about their involvement with the statue.

I have tried to contact Theresa Redd about American Indian curriculum in James City County Schools but she has not yet responded. I sent an email to the Rockefeller special collections to schedule a visit where I could examine old maps of Williamsburg and see if they had any information on the statue that I did not already have.




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