Journal Entry 2

This week has been amazing because everything seems to be falling into place unlike last week. I felt so behind on research and possible interviews. Monday I was able to complete the protocol for the focus group. I really think that the focus group will be possible and successful in getting a diverse group of the community. Also, I was speaking to Dr. Hurte earlier in the week and he helped me get in touch with a few Kingsmill residents. To my surprise I received an email from one of the residents right away and will be interviewing them Monday, March 31. Although we have prepared for interviews, actually setting up the interview myself was frightening because I had to explain my project and answer questions pertaining to the possible “risks” with it. During Monday’s class, Kate mentioned a group called Kingsmill United, which was created by a number of Kingsmill residents and they have a website. I was able to contact them and received an email from one of its members. He provided me with another persons contact information to interview in regards to the organization but I have not received a response. In addition to contacting that organization, I contacted the zoning office of James City County as well as Hallie Olson of the Kingsmill Community Services Association. Unfortunately, I contacted these people/groups earlier in the week and feel as though I will need to do a follow-up email/call quite soon.

I am still looking at some primary and secondary sources. During class, Rose mentioned looking on facebook at certain groups. I never though about using social media to find possible interviews or other information. When I found the Kingsmill Past and Present group on there I began to look through the people as well as the photos. Kingsmill doesn’t appear to be very diverse from what I could see from the people and photos from there annual celebration of Kingsmill. Moreover, the group had documents from James City County posted on the facebook page pertaining to the possible expansion as well as news articles.

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  1. 1 mal2013 March 29, 2014 at 9:58 am

    You seem to be making great progress! And your protocol to conduct the focus group was approved yesterday, so you can move forward with recruiting participants, booking a location and contacting the Media Center about recording the focus group. However, be sure to not let the planning for the focus group overwhelm your other research. You will still need to find a person with whom you can conduct an oral history.

  2. 2 amhiponia March 31, 2014 at 12:36 am

    I think it’s really cool to use social media as a tool to inform your own research. The focus group approach seems like a great idea, as well, since it puts you right in the center of everyone’s thoughts and opinions. I think it would be easy to then take one or two of the participants from the group to conduct a more in-depth oral history. You’d have a better idea of how they feel in a “collective sense” and maybe if their opinions are really unique, their personal histories should definitely enhance those voices.

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