Work Journal Summary of Week 3.16 through 3.21

Sunday, March 16th: Today I worked primarily with the secondary resources I have collected so far and took notes on just two documents that were quite long and took me just under two hours to finish. I am trying to understand these readings to prepare for my interviews and so that I can have summarized information when I go to write my final paper. I feel that taking notes on each article to highlight their importance will streamline the writing process. Today I also corresponded with Professor Lelievre about an email I hoped to Chief Brown regarding a possible interview.

Monday, March 17th: Today spending time in Special Collections at Swem proved very fruitful for me. I was able to look over documents used by a previous student who had researched Native American representations in Colonial Williamsburg. I took pictures and wrote a few notes about sources, people, and places she used in her project. I also corresponded with Chief Brown.

Tuesday, March 18th: Today I heard back from Inge Flester, the Administrative Specialist to the Training and Historical Research Department and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library in Colonial Williamsburg. She was extremely helpful and put me in contact with Bob Woodward who has managed the American Indian Initiative since 2008. I corresponded with her about speaking to Mr. Woodward and visiting the Rockefeller Library. I looked into some sites around Williamsburg I had learned about through the project I looked over in Swem.

Wednesday, March 19th: Today was my birthday so I took the day off from research and work in general to celebrate making it to 21.

Thursday, March 20th: Today I drafted an email to send to Mr. Woodward and collected two more articles from an online news source about the American Indian Initiative. I am still searching for information in the local news about a store that featured Native American crafts, goods, and art located near Williamsburg Pottery off Richmond Road.

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  1. 1 mal2013 March 21, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    Are the secondary sources you’ve been working with those that appeared on your updated bibliography? Are they new sources? Which ones have been most helpful so far in helping you focus your project? I think you mean Buck (not Bob) Woodward. He is a W&M alum – he defended his PhD dissertation in Anthropology last spring. He also works with the American Indian Research Center on campus. The store you describes sound like it could be an interesting lead for examining representations of Native Americans in Williamsburg outside of Colonial Williamsburg.

  2. 2 rwduke March 22, 2014 at 11:11 pm

    Yes, My mistake. Buck Woodward.
    These are some articles from the old bibliography and some from the new list.

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