Week of 3/17-3/21

Monday 3/17: Informal preliminary interview with Debbie and John Keane at the Williamsburg White House. Received further leads on active B&B community members from Williamsburg Manor (Craig & Laura Reeves) and Colonial Gardens (Karen Watkins) as potential interview subjects. The tone was warm, welcoming and friendly during the interview and the atmosphere of the B&B was cozy and eccentric, featuring lots of political themed memorabilia and décor. Questions left from the interview revolve around Williamsburg’s “brand,” other “complacent” members of B&B owner community, and the B&B community’s relationship with local government (Planning Commission).

Wednesday 3/19: Informal interview with Billy & Sharon Scruggs at the Fife & Drum Inn. They provided a great amount of insight on Williamsburg “branding” from a local perspective, which presents a new angle for my research to potentially follow: defining “Southern Hospitality” in Williamsburg. Our discussion revolved around the evolution of Williamsburg’s “brand,” the B&B community and their relationship with local government, and the current state of Williamsburg’s brand today. The Scruggs also provided additional contacts from the Chamber Alliance (Bobby Singley, Karen Rierdon) and Kingsmill Resort (Robin Carson) as potential subjects of interest for my research.

I also met with Kate to discuss my latest interviews and how the subject of “Southern Hospitality” may be beneficial for me to analyze further. The local perspective versus the “transplant” perspective as it pertains to Williamsburg’s “brand” seems to be a really interesting subject to look into, especially considering the history of B&B owners originally from out-of-state. Next steps include preliminary “insight” on B&Bs of interest via Trip Advisor, initiating contact with Colonial Gardens and The Williamsburg Manor B&B owners and Robin Carson from Kingsmill Resort for preliminary interviews, and lastly, finding a “complacent” B&B of interest for potential interviews.

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  1. 1 mal2013 March 21, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    Great work this week! Your project seems to have made quite a bit of progress in the last week. As you proceed with your study of how Williamsburg B&B owners contribute to the construction of a Williamsburg “brand,” remember to ground your research in the spatial. Make sure to follow-up your preliminary work investigating zoning in Williamsburg.

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