Excuse me, did I hear you correctly?

Transcribing has been one of the most difficult tasks thus far because I wanted to be sure to capture the interviewee’s thoughts all the while trying to ignore the background. During the process, I found myself constantly rewinding and stopping trying to hear every word. Then I eventually realized there is no possible way for me to capture every word because of the heavy accent of the interviewee. The choices of punctuation proved to be another challenge sense the man had numerous pauses that prevented me in determining where one thought began and when another ended. The pauses as well as the places I could not understand him, I decided to just place uncertain in parentheses. Although much of my focus was on the interviewee, I realized I did not here the interviewer ask many questions and I was uncertain what the point of the conversation. The interviewee seemed to go on tangents and had little direction from the interviewer. I am interested in seeing what is the proper way to interview and transcribe.

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  1. 1 mal2013 February 17, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Certainly a significant challenge in transcription is determining how to represent pauses and other silences since these can be as significant as the spoken words.

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