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When approaching any research project I try and combine my general and personal interests with something I can also appreciate academically. I would love to know more about the music community in Williamsburg. Norfolk and Richmond are the closest cities with a solid concert and festival scene; Williamsburg does not possess a specific place or venue where music is the central focus. I would love to explore the rest of the community to see where music is played or has been played in the past and explore why the music community in Williamsburg, even with the young college population is not stronger. To begin preliminary research, I hope to talk to the AMP music committee, members of the global film festival, and various peers at William and Mary who grew up in the Williamsburg community.

I hope to discover recent historical state of the Williamsburg community, the venues around the Williamsburg city limits where music is preformed, conserved, studied, and appreciated in a public forum. There are small-scale concerts held at the Williamsburg library on Scotland Street, at the Corner Pocket in New Town, and at Aromas near the College. I do not have a particular genre of music that I specifically want to focus on because Williamsburg is small enough that I hope to provide a comprehensive history of all types of music in Williamsburg. I want to research places in Williamsburg where music is appreciated because I believe that music is something that people of all backgrounds can come together and enjoy. Within a community, I believe places of music reinforce the community as a whole.

The college holds concerts a few times a semester and the student body generally dominates attendance. I would like to explore exactly what percentage of attendance of concerts held by the college is the Williamsburg community outside of the students. I think there seems to be a division between the residents of Williamsburg and the students at the College because of age and place in life. This is visible in the music interests and venues. This division is something I would like to explore, along with the general interaction of students and Williamsburg residents, through the lens of music in the general Williamsburg area.

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  1. 1 mal2013 February 2, 2014 at 2:04 pm

    It might be interesting to explore if the different places around Williamsburg where music is performed correlate with musical genre, patron demographics and other variables. You might also consider a “meso” scale of analysis that would examine where these venues are located in the city in relation to each other and to the neighbourhoods in which they are located.

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