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Tuesday: I prepared questions and other ideas that I wanted to touch on for Coach Al Albert. These questions ranged from his personal life to the importance of soccer in Williamsburg


Wednesday: This was a huge day for me! My interview with Coach Albert went extremely well. He did not have any trouble answering questions and he was extremely informative. One negative though, I forgot to turn on my microphone for the first 10 minutes or so. I realized this and turned it on immediately. Everything else was positve. First we started talking about how he came to William and Mary and we slowly moved through the organization of the Tidewater Soccer camp. After that we talked about who attended the camp and how it benefited their lives. I can not stress enough how important this day was for me. At the end he gave me a couple names that I should follow up with.


Thursday: Sent emails to the names Coach Albert gave me. One person was from WISC and the other is part of a law firm. Neither have gotten back to me.



Friday- Sunday: Baseball games, did not get to accomplish anything…



Checklist for upcoming week:

– Get in contact with WISC

– Transcribe interview with Coach Daly

– Interview J.T. Castner

– Find Secondary sources in Swem

Journal 4

Monday, April 8


Today I left a message for Allison Butler at Woman Care inquiring about the possibility of an interview for my project. She called me back later in the evening and expressed mild interest in participating. However, she did provide me with a few names of local physicians who she thinks may be interested in an interview. They include:


  • Dr. Gregory J. Biernacki, family physician
  • Dr. Camilla Buchanan, gynecology
  • Dr. Corey Butler, DDS
  • Dr. Bill Bennett, DDS


I know Dr. Buchanan from an epidemiology class I took at W&M my sophomore year. I think she would be a valuable addition to my project because of her work within women’s health. However, because Williamsburg is a rather conservative community, I am trying to reach out to the Republican base in the area of which Dr. Buchanan is not a member. That is why I believe Dr. Biernacki would be a better fit. I do not think I want to talk to a dentist because that is too outside of the realm of what I know about the ACA.


Tuesday, April 9


Today in class I talked to Sarah and Helis about how I should prioritize scheduling my final interview. We decided I will reach out to Dr. Biernacki first followed by Allison Butler and finally Dr. Buchanan. After class I called Dr. Biernacki’s office and left him a message with the front desk. I asked the woman I spoke to on the phone to forward my message to Dr. Biernacki. She said she was unsure about whether or not he would be interested in the project.


Wednesday, April 10


Today I spent a lot of time working on a project for another class so I didn’t have any time to work on the WDP. I wish I had because Allison Butler only works on Mondays and Wednesdays, which means I have to wait until next Monday to talk to her again! Oh well.


Thursday, April 11


Today I indexed for Hannah’s project. We had a very interesting interview with musician Wayne Moss works for Colonial Williamsburg. I meant to give Dr. Biernacki a call today to confirm whether or not he’s interested in an interview for the WDP, but I forgot (mostly because I had work from 2pm – 5pm, but also because I spent a significant amount of time on the Terrace due to the beautiful weather).


Friday, April 12


Of course I meant to call Dr. Biernacki again today, but I completely forgot. Today was a busy day between four hours of work and five hours of meetings… I guess I lost track of this priority.


Saturday, April 13


I spent all day working an event for the Student Assembly so I did not have too much free time for the WDP.


Sunday, April 14


Today I organized my journal and created a to do list for the week. I still need to schedule that final interview! My goal is have it scheduled by Wednesday.


Here are my to do’s:


  • Monday – call Allison Butler again
  • Monday – call Dr. Biernacki
  • Write the headnotes for the three interviews I do have
  • Finish microfilms (talk to Helis about collaboration)
  • Organize WY Daily data
  • Begin transcribing Judy Knudson’s interview

Work Journal 4/8-4/14

Monday: I sent Jane Hanson an email with the documents for our interview on Tuesday, which she can hopefully pass along to Wayne and Herb (who don’t use email).

Revised my interview questions for the following day.


Tuesday: I interviewed Jane Hanson, supervisor and member of the Governor’s Musick ensemble. We talked for a long time, and I got a lot of helpful perspective on the ensemble. She also mentioned specific involvement in the Colonial Idol, and will provide a copy if I can’t find it online.

I can get a video preview here:, but not the whole thing.


Wednesday: rescheduled my interview with Wayne Ross for Thursday morning at 9:30, with the thought that sooner rather than later was for the best. Sent a follow-up indexing emails. Revised question order based on the path that my conversation took with Jane.


Thursday: Interviewed Wayne Ross in the morning. He has a lot to say, so I will need to return next week. I then interviewed Herb Watson in the afternoon. Emailed Jane—thank you and follow-up on Wayne.


Friday: listened to Tom Marshall oral history and indexed it, then typed and formatted it. Got an email from Jane scheduling Wayne for a follow-up interview on Tuesday at 12:30 pm.


Saturday: sent indexing email to the class.


Sunday: went through my interview notes and found the following items to consider:

-The group before GM was the Palace Orchestra. Is anything available in print or online about them?

-There was an article on the GM in American Early Music Magazine—can I get a hold of this?

-I should look more into the Early Music Festival

-the GM started as the musicians playing in the music teacher’s room in CW

-some names to look into: Mary Godwin, Tim Sutphin, Bill Welch (played harpsichord before Tom Marshall), Bill White (took over from John Moon)


I also emailed Jane to get a copy of Colonial Idol, and her mailing address, which was left off the deed of gift.


After this week, I feel like my project is taking a definite shape.  At this point, I’m not sure if I need/want any more oral histories, although it might be nice to hear from someone at the more administrative level of Colonial Williamsburg on the institution’s view of music. My goal for next week is to work on my transcription for the project, most likely of my interview with Herb Watson.

Weekly Journal


Sent follow up email to Lisa; Learned only one person responded; Replied to Lisa to set up another time.


Called Lisa to confirm that the session would be cancelled.

Email the president of the Williamsburg Alumni chapter to see if she would be willing to do an interview about her experience as an alumna in the area as well as her involvement in the alumni chapter.  Traded multiple emails and scheduled interview for Tuesday, April 16th.


Called Mr. Perkins and left a message.

Scheduled interview with Mr. and Mrs. Perkins for Tuesday, April 16th.


Indexed/interviewed Lynn Wolfe of CDR. She is an alumna of William and Mary and asked her some questions about why she stayed. Her interview is helpful to my research.


Conducted a phone interview with Lisa Bates, director of Marketing for Williamsburg Landing.

Went to Williamsburg Landing to pick up book about history of Williamsburg Landing from Lisa.




Looked through Williamsburg Landing history book.

Searched online to see if there were any articles published this past week related to my project.

updated work journal

4/9/13 start: 9:45- 10:00am

  • I set up another interview with a woman who has been a big with BBBS for a while


Start: 2:20- 3:45

  • I came up with questions to ask my two interviewees tomorrow


4/10/13  start: 8:40—10:00

  • Conducted an interview with a Big Sister

Start: 2:30—2:50

  • Conducted another interview
  • I have now completed the three interviews that I wanted to conduct
    • I have the perspective of an employee of the organization, a big sister volunteer, and a former member of the board

4/13/13  11:00-11:45

  • Today I started transcribing one of my interviews.  I did not get very far, but I will continue next week.

Work Journal 4/2-4/8

4/2-reviewed interview with Corinne Garland. Began the transcription process with headnote. Kalynn sent me her typed index of the interview.

4/3-4/7 – travelled to Springfield Mass. for a the ECAC gymnastics championships

4/8- Received an email from Lynn Wolfe. She was on Spring Break at CDR, but now is back and willing to meet with me for an interview on Thursday at 8:30 AM. She is a former William and Mary student.

April 8, 2013

This past week I reached out to the people I would like to interview. I have yet to hear back from them, so I decided to focus on the rest of my project. Since I have been gathering my information in a google doc, I decided to start gathering pictures and everything as well. This weekend unfortunately I am going home to visit my friend who is sick, so I decided to collect pictures this week and be able to apply them to what I have so far this weekend.

I was also able to help Kalynn out this week during one of her interviews to index. It was a really great experience because now when it’s my turn to interview I feel like I won’t be as nervous– I got the jitters out.

Hopefully this week I will be able to set up interviews and maybe even get one or two in!



Journal 3

This week was fairly productive. I completed my first interview on Monday with the coach of the women’s soccer team here at WM. I realized that he is going to be more of a secondary source when it comes to the Tidewater soccer camp that I am looking in to. However, his information proved to be extremely useful in painting me a picture of how the camp worked. He had some great stories about the old campus here that I can’t wait to tell. He also told me that many of the players from that camp have reunions here at the college and I found that to be amazing. From one little soccer camp here in Williamsburg lifelong friendships were created. He recommended that all of the questions pertaining to Williamsburg be directed toward Coach Albert due to the fact that he lived here during that time period. I was then scheduled to interview Coach Albert the following Wednesday but our dates couldn’t match up and that meeting has been postponed to this upcoming Wednesday.

One thing that I have learned in the process thus far is how important the use of email is, lately it seems as if it were a lifeline. This upcoming week I hope to finish my interview with Coach Albert as well as interview someone from the WISC. If I can find another time slot I am hoping to interview my teammate as well. I know time is of the essence however I feel great about where I am at with my project so far.


Monday: interviewed John Daly


Tuesday: Emails back and forth with Coach Albert. Wrote some questions down for Coach as well


Wednesday: Had to cancel with Coach Albert but re-scheduled for the following Wednesday


Thursday: Got in touch with J.T. Castner about playing in the Cal Ripken tournament.


Thursday Night –Sunday Night: Traveling with baseball, NA.

Journal 3

Monday, April 1


Today I confirmed my interview with Judy Knudson, which is tomorrow. I drafted my interview questions and sent them to Helis and Sarah to review. I suspect we will talk about them in class tomorrow. I talked to Kalynn about possibly indexing my interview with Judy tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 2


Today in class Sarah and Helis volunteered to help me index my interviews on Wednesday and Friday. I finalized my interview questions and headed to the Olde Towne Medical Center to interview Judy Knudson. Our session went really well and I learned a great deal about Williamsburg, her perspective of the ACA, and the Williamsburg medical community as a whole. She was incredibly open, kind, and genuine. I’d say it was a very successful first interview!


Wednesday, April 3


Today I called Dr. Brown’s office to confirm our interview on Friday. I also called Woman Care to talk to Allison Butler, but the front desk told me she would not be in this week. I will try calling again next Monday. I also spoke on the phone with Ruth Baur from Williamsburg Landing about our group interview with Lauren. Later in the day Lauren called me and confirmed a date for the Williamsburg Landing group interview. The date actually worked with my schedule and Lauren’s and six seniors’, which was pretty incredible.


Today was also my interview with Linda Chelmow who is a strategist at Sentara. Helis indexed the interview for me. I thought our conversation went very well. We started with general questions about Williamsburg before jumping into the ones about the Affordable Care Act. I think this is a successful strategy because it helps interviewees warm up before they address the serious stuff.


Thursday, April 4


Today I spent working on assignments for other classes.


Friday, April 5


Today I interviewed Dr. Brown with the help of Sarah as my indexer. His office is only open from 9am – 12pm so we arrived around 11:50pm for a noon interview. He took us back to his office where we talked for about thirty minutes. We spent the first ten minutes introducing the project and talking about his practice. We did not begin recording the recording the conversation until about ten minutes in because we had still not received consent from Dr. Brown that it was okay to record the conversation. Our session together went well; Dr. Brown has a decidedly different perspective from Linda and Judy so it will be interesting to analyze the interviews.


Saturday, April 6


I was in DC Friday night and Saturday so I didn’t have a chance to work on my WDP project.


Sunday, April 7


Today I organized my notes from the week for my journal and I planned the rest of the week’s work for my project


To do

  • Monday – call Allison Bulter again; schedule interview for Wednesday
  • Index Judy Knudson’s interview
  • Finish microfilms (talk to Helis about collaboration)
  • Organize WY Daily data

Work Journal 4/7

I feel like my project has finally gotten going!

Monday: I took notes on John Moon’s research “Study of Music in Colonial Williamsburg.” Moon’s piece provides really interesting perspective, as it is meant to guide music practices by the foundation. Written in 1992, the work makes no mention of the Governor’s Musick, but does discuss authentic performance practices specifically in CW.


Tuesday: I did some digging on John Moon. In the 80s, he directed the Fife and Drum Corps: I found a lot more background on him here: He was highly influential in the Music scene of Colonial Williamsburg.

Called and left voicemail #2 for Lance, and left a voicemail for Tom Marshall at his faculty number.


Wednesday: ALL THE EMAILS.

Got my liaison to accost Professor Marshall, he apologized and asked me to send another email. Responded that he could do tomorrow—great!

Jane and I also communicated multiple times over email, to nail down interviews with her (next Tuesday), Wayne and Herb (next Thursday).

I made a note to check up on CW electronic fieldtrips—they do Colonial idol?

I wrote my interview questions, and tried to find indexers at the last minute.

Also, I  looked through a CW guide for the week to try to see how music is treated. It lists the concert, but gives no special attention. Music events are sprinkled throughout.


Thursday: Interviewed Tom Marshall!

Returned Jane’s email about scheduling, and should be talking to her, Wayne, and Herb next week. Still no word from Lance.


Friday: Jane and I still emailing with some shifts in the schedule.


Saturday: nailed down times/dates for interviews with Jane, Herb, and Wayne.  Emailed the class to see if anyone is available to index.

I feel pretty accomplished, and am excited to collect three more oral histories. Then I think I will be better able to draw connections between these peoples’ stories and my background research.

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