Weekly Journal

4/10: Research for why “we” believe or are attracted to ghost stories. I’m searching for why certain areas are expected to have a “ghostly past”.
Also tried to find VA Gazette advertisements for “Vampire Protection Kits”, from Mr. Hamant’s ghostly tales. I’m going to email special collections to see if they have something that will add to my research.

4/11: Follow up meeting with Ms. Aldridge

4/13: Mrs. Jowett forgot to meet with me, so I will try to reschedule this week. We’ll see. I’d still like to get her perspective on ghost stories.

Nothing else to report at this time.


The Williamsburg Documentary Project (WDP) strives to collect and preserve the rich past of Williamsburg, Virginia. By conducting oral history interviews, building physical and digital archives, and creating online exhibits, the WDP interprets Williamsburg’s recent past. The WDP works towards developing a better understanding of Williamsburg by bringing together individuals, local groups, Colonial Williamsburg, and the College of William & Mary.

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