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This project has really taught me a lot about not only my subject but connecting and communicating with people. Easily, my favorite part of this project has been the interaction with new people. I really enjoyed my time speaking with Viky Pedigo as well as Doug Austin. Learning about people’s lives and just what they’ve done and how they’ve done it has always been fascinating to me, but being able to learn about people’s lives as well as include them in a larger project was just so great.

I’m very excited to be able to go through and include all the different things I’ve learned about Mrs. Pedigo and Mr. Austin’s lives here in Williamsburg when it comes  to the school system here.


This week I did not get nearly as done as I would have hoped. I have begun indexing my first interview with Coach Daly and I figured that while I was at it I should start transcribing that same interview. Once again I was reminded  how much I dislike transcribing…. however, it is part of the process and must be done. That is really all I have done this week sadly to say. This week I am trying to cram an interview with Chris Haywood into my schedule. I realize that since he is the biggest part of my interview I should have interviewed him first. Once I get that done I should be good to go for the paper.

I guess I shouldn’t sell myself too short though, I have begun organizing what I want my paper to be and where it will go. Much like Kalynn I have decided that my paper is going to be more of a report on what happened with a touch on why youth sports are necessary and how they impact the community. I haven’t found any great secondary sources but I am working with Miss Martha Higgins in Swem.

Tuesday: Received and listened to interviews with both Coach Daly and Albert

Wednesday: Gameday

Thursday: Began indexing Daly interview

Friday-Sunday: Games at ODU, wasn’t able to get much done.

work journal

4/17/13  7:00-10:00

  • I transcribed the whole interview today.  It’s still in very rough form, but I will finish it later this week


4/21/13    1:45-3:50

  • Today I polished and finished my transcription.

Final Journal

April 16 and 17 nothing new.

April 18–conducted final oral history interview with Mrs.Jowett and Hannah as indexer.

April 19–not much because preoccupied with Boston (my brother lives there)

April 20–attended a ghost tour and talked to a few people about their reasons for attending a tour in Williamsburg.

April 20-21–Started and completed transcribing the oral history with Mr. Hamant. Gathering together all my info to see exactly what I’ve got, still have some concerns about how to write my paper.

Journal 5

Monday, April 15

I was determined to schedule interviews with Allison Butler and Dr. Biernacki today. By the time I called Allison Butler and Dr. Biernacki both of their offices were closed. I think I will peruse an interview Dr. Buchanan. I will ask Prof. Glosson if this is wise.

Later in the afternoon, Donna Hughes at Sentara called me back. She told me that she would help me schedule an interview with Dr. Biernacki. I sent her an email with a copy of my interview questions and a description of the WDP. She said I should hear back from her later in the week regarding an interview.


Tuesday, April 16

After speaking with Prof. Glosson in class, I decided that if my interviews with Dr. Biernacki or Allison Bulter I will talk to Dr. Buchanan. I did not hear back from Donna or Dr. Biernacki so I called Donna to check in. She said that Dr. Biernacki will call me tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 17

Today I started transcribing my interview with Judy Knudson. I also anticipated a call from Dr. Biernacki. I did not receive one, but by the time I called his office back, it was closed. I will call him back tomorrow.


Thursday, April 18

I continued to work on my Judy Knudson transcription today. I meant to call Dr. Biernacki’s office, but it completely slipped my mind. I will contact him again early next week.


Friday, April 19

I spent a majority of my day working at the Reves Center so I did not have the opportunity to work on my project.


Saturday, April 20

I led a community service trip today so I did not have time to work on the WDP.


Sunday, April 21

Today I organized my journal and planned for my last week of undergrad (!). I also coordinated with Rachel regarding an indexing opportunity tomorrow. My primary goal is to schedule my last interview. It is frustrating how long it has taken! I emailed Donna Hughes at Sentara again so I will see when she responds. I also need to figure out my microfilm schedule! I still have the same to do’s from last week (unfortunately). I added the one about finishing Judy Knudson’s transcription.


Here are my to do’s:

  • Monday – call Allison Butler again
  • Monday – call Dr. Biernacki
  • Finish Judy Knudson’s transcription
  • Write the headnotes for the three interviews I do have
  • Finish microfilms (talk to Helis about collaboration)
  • Organize WY Daily data

Work Journal 4/15-21

I did not have as much time as I would have liked to work on my project this week.


Tuesday: I interviewed Wayne a second time—he has so much institutional and musical knowledge. I also obtained a copy of Colonial Idol from Jane. I discussed with Wayne the possibility of going to a GM concert, I just need to let Jane know when (I am shooting for first Tuesday of finals).

I also scheduled index with Sarah for Thursday at 9 am, at Jamestown High School.


Wednesday: I started working on my transcription of Herb Watson’s interview.


Thursday: went with Sarah on an index. I had a meeting with Helis and Prof. Glosson about the direction of my project. I continued to work on my transcript, and got past the half-way point.


In the coming week, I need to focus on completing my oral history materials: finishing my transcript, one index from a recording, typing an index, and headnotes. I also hope to get the chance to look at Colonial Idol and nail down a basic outline for my project.


Weekly Journal


Confirmed interview with Sheri Elston and Lin and Gwen Perkins


Interviewed Sheri Elston (11:30-12:40)

Interviewed Lin and Gwen Perkins (3-4:15)


Sent thank you email to interviewee


Responded to two people who offered to give interviews

Followed up with Williamsburg Landing to see if we are still on for the focus group on Friday

Sent multiple emails between Lisa and her colleague; made a survey to send to the people who cannot come to the focus group and who I may be unable to reach by phone


Conducted 3 phone interviews with William and Mary alumni in Williamsburg Landing

Conducted 4-person focus group of William and Mary alumni at Williamsburg Landing


Organized notes from interviews in research notebook (.doc)

Pulled quotes from various documents from WRL and Swem Special Collections I took photos of


Spent the entire day writing headnotes, pulling quotes, etc.; Created a “To Do” list for the week

Work Journal 4/9-4/15

4/9- Had regular class and decided to index for Kalynn on Wednesday and asked Lauren to index for me on Thursday.

4/10-Indexed for Kalynn with a woman who is a Big Sister for Big Brothers/Big Sisters who is also an employee at CDR. I talked to her a little bit after Kalynn’s interview and agreed to meet up with her and get a tour of CDR’s building next Wednesday the 23rd.

4/11- Interviewed Lynn Wolfe with Lauren indexing. We did the interview in the College Apartments after getting coffee at Aromas. She discussed more of the modern state of CDR as compared to Corinne’s discussion of its origins. Lauren was able to ask her about her time at William and Mary for her project.

4/12- I received the typed index from Lauren, and I typed my index for Kalynn.


April 15, 2013

I have finally gotten the ball rolling on my project, I had my first interview yesterday! And again, thanks to Kalynn who graciously agreed to index for me!

I interviewed Doug Austin about his time growing up here in Williamsburg, specifically his school years. He went to Bruton Heights for 5th and 6th grade, after it had become an integrated school. It was very interesting to me because although I had read that there was a time where it was a school for all children, Austin described it as kind of a continuation of his time at Matthew Whaley.

Mr. Austin has had an amazing life and I really enjoyed learning about it, but I specifically found his description of Williamsburg in the late 60’s/ early 70’s really cool. He spoke about not registering anything like racism on his radar until junior high school, after his time at Bruton Heights. He also talked about how progressive Williamsburg seemed to be during these times. He told us about all of the small businesses that used to be in CW, as well as a gay bar that was underneath the Green Leafe!

I think this interview will be extremely useful for my project, as Austin was in school here during a time where a lot was changing in the world and in Williamsburg. His interview will definitely give my project more dimension.

Weekly Journal

4/10: Research for why “we” believe or are attracted to ghost stories. I’m searching for why certain areas are expected to have a “ghostly past”.
Also tried to find VA Gazette advertisements for “Vampire Protection Kits”, from Mr. Hamant’s ghostly tales. I’m going to email special collections to see if they have something that will add to my research.

4/11: Follow up meeting with Ms. Aldridge

4/13: Mrs. Jowett forgot to meet with me, so I will try to reschedule this week. We’ll see. I’d still like to get her perspective on ghost stories.

Nothing else to report at this time.

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