Journal 3

Monday, March 25

Today I spent a bulk of my time preparing for my American studies seminar class. Unfortunately that meant little time for my WDP project.


Tuesday, March 26

Today in class I gave a report on my progress so far. My main concerns were about the amount of Virginia Gazette data I was facing. I calculated that it would take me 51 hours to view every edition of the newspaper and read every Last Word for the past four years. After consulting Sarah and Helis, we decided that I only need to look at one edition of the VG per month. This was great news because it will seriously cut down the amount of time I need to spend researching the Last Words.


Helis has been very helpful with the microfilm. Today she sent me 10 different Last Words from the months of May and June in 2009. I organized them into a special folder on my computer. I plan to spend more time working on microfilm next week.


During some rare free time I had in the afternoon, I scheduled an interview with Judy Knudson. I accidentally called her home number first. Her husband then told me how to reach her at her office at the Olde Towne Medical Center where is the executive director and co-founder. I called Dr. Brown and left a message – his office closes at noon. When I called Dr. Schultz and asked for Allison Butler, his wife, they told me that she does not work there – she works at Woman Care – and that she’s not his wife. Oops. When I called Womancare asking for Nurse Butler, the receptionist told me that she works on Mondays and Wednesdays so I decided to call back the next day. I also called Linda Chelmow, who is a strategist at Sentara, but she did not answer. I left a message.


Wednesday, March 27

Linda Chelmow called me back and we scheduled an interview for next Wednesday. I also called Womancare to talk to Allison Butler, but by the time I called – around 3:30pm – they were closed. I will try again on Monday. Also, while I was researching Allison Butler, I found this video: I called Dr. Brown’s home number and spoke with him about scheduling an interview. He told me to call back tomorrow.


Thursday, March 28

Today was a very productive day for my WDP project. After a minor freak out yesterday, I talked to Sarah on the phone about my data collection. We decided to finalize my list of interviewees: Judy Knduson (politician and Olde Towne Medical Clinic), Linda Chelmow (hospital administrator), Dr. Brown (doctor), Allison Butler (nurse and woman’s health specialist), and the seniors at Williamsburg Landing (a collaboration with Lauren).


Later in the day, I spoke to Lauren on the phone about the Williamsburg Landing interviews. She said she was in touch with a family friend who works at the retirement community. I asked her to ask her friend if I could ask the seniors a few questions about the Affordable Care Act at the end of Lauren’s interview with them.


Sarah sent me some great information from the WY Daily online. She said to pay special attention to the comments. The comments from these articles will serve to add to the “lay” perceptive of health care reform in Williamsburg. They will complement the data from the Last Word section of the Virginia Gazette and the interviews with the seniors.


The WY Daily has a very searchable online archive of articles. I searched for both “Obamacare” and “health care reform”/ “healthcare reform.” I found a lot of articles that focused on various political and medical advances over the past couple of years. I organized them into six categories:


  1. Rob Wittman’s Town Hall – August 2009
  2. Obama’s visit to Kingsmill to defend health care reform – February 2009
  3. The passage of ACA – March 2010
  4. Occupy Williamsburg movment – July 2012
  5. 91st District of VA House of Delegates Debate – January 2011
  6. Dr. Decipher Blog


I decided to only use groups 1 – 3. Group one relates directly to the research I am doing in the Government department with Prof. Settle so analyzing the comments from these articles. The comments from group 2 are also interesting because they directly address the president. Finally, I predict that March 23, the day the Affordable Care Act passed, will factor prominently into my project. The comments from this day and the days immediately following are relevant to my work.


Friday, March 29

Dr. Brown’s office called me back and I spoke to one of his receptionists on the phone. She scheduled an interview for next Friday. Other than that, today I spent working on a multitude of initatives for my job in student government so I did not have chance to work on my WDP project. Plus, there isn’t much I can do before Monday and Tuesday, which is when I plan on calling Allison Butler and pleading for indexers.


Saturday, March 30

Today I spent all of my time at TEDx, which was a lot of fun.


Sunday, March 31

I organized my notes for my journal and confirmed my interviews with Judy Knudson and Linda Chelmow. I have a test tomorrow in a government class so I spent most of my day preparing for that.


To do

  • Call Alison Butler at Woman Care
  • Connect with Lauren re: Wbg Landing
  • Confirm interview with Dr. Brown
  • Write interview questions and send them to Sarah to review


The Williamsburg Documentary Project (WDP) strives to collect and preserve the rich past of Williamsburg, Virginia. By conducting oral history interviews, building physical and digital archives, and creating online exhibits, the WDP interprets Williamsburg’s recent past. The WDP works towards developing a better understanding of Williamsburg by bringing together individuals, local groups, Colonial Williamsburg, and the College of William & Mary.

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