Journal 3/18 – 3/25

March 18 – nothing (worked on the map project)

March 19 – I looked through the two articles I received through the Iter-Library Loan. They were mostly theoretical documents, not so much historical documents for CDR. I also talked to my gymnastics coach who said an alumni from the women’s team works at CDR currently. He gave me her contact information and I will get in contact with her soon.

March 20 – I sent my email to Mrs. Garland after Professor Barnard said she had agreed to see me. I have still not heard back from her. CDR has its auction on Sunday so I understand if she is busy.

March 21- I looked at an article I requested from off campus storage. It was a microform. It was about the specifics of the Individual Family Service Plan at CDR, but there was not much information specifically about CDR in the article.

March 22, 23 – nothing

March 24- I went on CDR’s website again and scoured through it. In their news/events page I found a bunch of newspaper articles from the last two years. Many of them were very interesting. Two were from the Williamsburg Neighbor Magazine focusing on two individuals who work at CDR and their impact on the community. I also looked at CDR’s Facebook page. Much was written about the auction taking place today. They also posted national newspaper articles on Childhood and Special education news going on in Washington or Virginia government. These articles may be useful for a broad understanding of current issues.

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  1. 1 sgglos March 27, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    This is all good work. I hope you’re able to make contact with CDR soon. You’ll begin to hone in on the shape of things much better once you’ve met with Ms. Garland.

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