McLane Preliminary Research Idea

-Focus on marginalized youth in Williamsburg and organizations that aim to address this problem

-most likely look at at-risk youth or youth whose families fall beneath the poverty line

-I am interested in researching this topic of marginalization with Williamsburg’s affluence as a backdrop


-Look at questions such as:

-Which children and youth are marginalized and why?

-How and when did this marginalization begin?

-How do people in society react to people who are marginalized?

-How does marginalization affect quality of life and access to resources?

-What are the other negative effects of marginalization?  Depression?  Turning to crime? Acting out?

-Are there any benefits to marginalization?

-What can this topic of marginalization teach us about Williamsburg as a whole?


-Identify organizations that aim to increase understanding about or help these marginalized children and teens, as well as adults, in Williamsburg.  How do these organizations address the problem?

-All Together

-Big Brother Big Sister of the Greater Virginia Peninsula

-I have gathered some preliminary information about the two organizations’ mission statements, goals, and programs in the area.  I hope to interview people at both places to gain further insight.

-If possible, I would like to interview a Big Brother with his Little Brother or a Big Sister with her Little Sister to, not only gain information about the program, but also to observe the interaction between the pair.

-After looking at both organizations’ websites, I am interested to discover how the international organization–Big Brother Big Sister–approaches the issue of marginalization and at-risk youth compared to All Together, the locally-grown organization.


Look at Census information and data from UVA’s Weldon Cooper Center in addition to interviewing people who run All Together and Big Brother Big Sister as well as those who participate in these organizations’ activities


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  1. 1 sgglos February 6, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    I read your email about changing topics, we should get together soon and chat once you’ve had a chance to look into some things.

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