Update 4/16 Journal #5

Great week and morning! I had an interview this morning with Mr. Don Hess. As a retiree in Williamsburg, Mr. Hess is very involved in board activity and maintains connections on boards that he was in while he lived in Rochester, NY. I found our interview as an excellent tool to my broadening understanding of independence for retirees. We discussed at length how choices during his lifetime influenced his later decisions to settle in Port Ann, a community near the William and Mary Law School. I am looking forward to transcribing portions of our interview for my final report.

I have two interviews left that I would like to have completed by the end of this week so I can finish transcribing and piece together my data to start composing my final report. I am still working on gathering secondary sources of information to support my arguments and primary data in my report. I am hoping to finish most of my research by this weekend so I can focus my attention on organizing my research.


The Williamsburg Documentary Project (WDP) strives to collect and preserve the rich past of Williamsburg, Virginia. By conducting oral history interviews, building physical and digital archives, and creating online exhibits, the WDP interprets Williamsburg’s recent past. The WDP works towards developing a better understanding of Williamsburg by bringing together individuals, local groups, Colonial Williamsburg, and the College of William & Mary.

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