Journal 2

I was really swamped with work and meetings this past week, so I did not get a whole lot of research done. I did get a couple of things accomplished to serve as comparisons for the two local fraternal organizations that I’m studying. I spent about an hour looking at newsletters from the past year at the Knights of Columbus here in Williamsburg. It’s interesting how different this national organization is from the two smaller organizations. It’s very focused on increasing its membership and has multiple events per year to attract new members. This desire for membership is completely different from the Pulaski Club and the Middle Plantation Club, which both have membership caps of 31 and 70 members respectively. I also noticed that Knights of Columbus is much more focused on charity work than the other two groups. One of the newsletters gave a long list of charities that they help throughout the year and each newsletter had an article or two about the organizations that they had helped during the past month. Again, this is completely different from the other two organizations which are completely focused on social events.

I also read through some of the top retirement towns in The New Retirement. At the end of the list, they listed an “honor roll” of the top cities in which to retire. I went through council search websites to see how many Masonic Lodges, Moose Lodges, and Knights of Columbus chapters each city had and how it compared to Williamsburg. As it turns out, the size of the city matters more than the number of people retiring in it. Williamsburg had the same number of chapters has smaller retirement cities such as Prescott, Arizona or San Luis Obispo, California. I also searched mens social clubs in Sun City and Seal Beach, California (where Leisure World is located), and it turns out that most of their advertised mens social clubs are more for playing cards than social life. Maybe the mens fraternal organizations don’t have websites, but that’s very interesting to see.

In terms of interviews, I have a couple of sources that I would like to contact. One is William Molineux, who is in both the Pulaski Club and the Middle Plantation Club and has served as an officer in both organizations. He’s been interviewed for WDP before, so hopefully he will be willing to be interviewed again. The other is Bob Hinger who is the Grand Knight, or president, of the Knights of Columbus chapter in Williamsburg. I need to get back into Special Collections to get contact information, which I hope to do this week.


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