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I do not have much to add to my project. I still want to focus on the Patriots Colony, a Williamsburg retirement community designed exclusively for qualifying military veterans and federal workers.  Because I also want to understand why veterans choose to live in these kinds of communities as opposed to traditional retirement communities, I will pay particular attention to the history and reasons for why veterans choose them.  My guess is that, more than simply wanting to live with fellow veterans, there will be a complex financial and personal story behind the decision, not to mention Williamsburg’s proximity to DC where many higher ranking officers end their careers.

For research purposes, I will need to find residents from both kinds of communities to interview, to include administrators and care givers. In particular, I want to make sure and interview current Colony residents, veteran retirees in the area who live outside the Colony and current military officers who are close to retirement—i.e. in the process of making the decision of where to live. The other piece will focus on how much it costs to retire in a veteran only community compared to a traditional community. Any scholarly literature that I can find on the subject will be helpful as well, though at this stage most of my sources are internet based.


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  1. 1 dcpratt March 9, 2012 at 1:30 am

    Great! I’m interested to see how your research complements Laura M.’s regarding the question of Williamsburg as a retirement destination. The very idea of a retirement community specifically for veterans suggests that familiarity and comfort in one’s surroundings and social circle are key factors in one’s decision regarding where to retire–although, as you note, the reasons behind that decision are likely to be quite complex and personal.

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