Focusing my Project – Getting Energized …

Well, the peer interview crucible test is completed, and I am excited to be continuing the process of focusing my project proposal.  I have been in contact with several retirees in Williamsburg and administrators in the senior community who are providing great feedback about my research objectives.  For my project I will concentrate on seniors who are presently living in place at home in the Williamsburg area independent of any retirement, independent, or assisted living communities.  I want to know how retiring at home differs for today’s seniors from the experiences of their relatives during the time period between WWII to now.  I anticipate having to rely on previous research about retirement for baby boomer parents who may no longer be living.  I will also rely on oral histories from current retirees about their family member’s retirement experiences.  I want to learn more particularly about what challenges retirees face across all income levels regarding housing, medical care and insurance, and other services that assist with management of day-to-day living concerns.  How do these issues differ for today’s retirees?  What accommodations will be or have been made in the Williamsburg community to prepare for an increase in the retirement population over the next 20 years?  Also, what has contributed to improving or not improving the retirement outlook for seniors?  What factors make or have made the quality of retirement better over time?  How are “boomers” and their parents managing retirement living decisions in the 21st century?  What are they doing that enhances their experience?  I hope my research will reveal a dynamic community of “aging-in” retirees at all income levels who enjoy their retirement with an improved quality and outlook than was experienced by their relatives.  So far my inquiries have revealed that some seniors are managing to create a retirement experience that is very satisfying as a result of good planning and a supportive community experience.

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  1. 1 dcpratt March 8, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    Sounds good, Collin; I’m looking forward to reading your updated bibliography next week. It is of course alright to hope you’ll find a satisfied community of “aging-in” retirees in Williamsburg, but be open to the full range of experiences of this form of retirement as you perform your research.

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