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My project will focus on the Patriots Colony, a Williamsburg retirement community designed exclusively for qualifying military veterans and federal workers.  I would like to know both the history behind this community in particular and the history behind these kinds of exclusive communities in general.  In addition, questions as to why retirees choose exclusive communities in comparison to the reality of their current situation will be addressed. The last prong will look at the business model to see how it compares to a traditional (i.e. nonexclusive) retirement community in the Williamsburg area.

For research purposes, this means I will need to find residents from both kinds of communities to interview, to include administrators and care givers.  Any scholarly literature that I can find on the subject will be helpful as well, though at this stage most of my sources are internet based. 

Websites   Patriots Colony main website

I will interview residents who live there, administrators, and care givers if possible.  The basic idea is to gain a full understanding what kind of life people live in this kind of exclusive community, to include how it is financed.  The Knowllwood—the first military retirement community in the US, since 1962 in DC and doesn’t consider pay               The Fairfax Patriots colony.  Officers or gov. employees GS-7 or more  Brochure for Veteran only retirement community in DC  Military Retirement connection List of all Military Retirement Communities.  What is military Retirement?  What it looks like in terms of pay.  Military Officers Association of America

Books & Articles:  I still need to find scholarly works, if any, on veteran retirement and exclusive retirement centers.

2011  US Military Retirement Handbook

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  1. 1 dcpratt February 13, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    Glad to see you’ve been able to find plenty of sources on this specific topic! To find more scholarly secondary sources, you’ll likely need to broaden your view a bit. You may need to make your own connections between what’s been written about retirement/retirement communities and the available literature on veterans’ issues, for instance.

  2. 2 sgglos February 15, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    I didn’t realize that Patriots Colony was run by Riverside. That’s an interesting connection. I agree with David’s comment that you might need to widen the research net you cast. I wouldn’t be surprised though if you find scholarship directly related to your topic. When you’ve had a chance to do that, update us with your finds.

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