03/28 Journal

Well, I feel like I’ve hit a few walls. I still have not heard back from the people I initially contacted – I left my name and number with one for the second time, and with the other when I called again I got this weird noise that almost sounded like phones do when they’re switched to fax. I have decided that I am going to try to contact Karen Armstead next, as she is the president of the local education association. I had a little bit of trouble finding her number, but I finally did and plan to give her a call as soon as I finish this (late) post. Other than failed calls, I poked around the WJCC website this week for full pay scale information in addition to looking at the Daily Press and the Virginia Gazette for articles about teacher compensation, of which I did find a few. I’m not sure if the WJCC school district has someone who oversees all personnel and hirings – I’m guessing they do – so I’m going to also find out who that is and see if I can talk to them about how the interview and hiring process works, especially for positions like administration. It was a bit of a slow week progress-wise, which makes me nervous, so I plan to be very aggressive in the coming week so that I can finally get an interview set up and hopefully make more contacts.


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