Journal Entry #2

Well I just got back from interviewing Janice Fowler, the Health Services Supervisor for WJCC schools.  The interview was really great and she had a lot of information about programs geared towards preventing and educating about substance abuse in the schools.  Unfortunately, because of budget cuts, the funding for some of these programs was either dramatically reduced or eliminated.  One program she talked about was Help is Down the Hall, which was a grant program that involved bringing a group of William & Mary grad students to Warhill High School to serve as a group for high school students to come and talk to if they wanted more information or help with substance abuse, counseling, etc.  Unfortunately, the program no longer exists since it was grant-funded and they couldn’t secure additional funding to make it a permanent entity.

In other news, I successfully got my name on the Virginia Gazette website! I e-mailed the editors to add a post to the Last Word section asking for those who had an opinion on substance abuse or programs, etc. to e-mail me so I’m hoping that will lead to some interesting information.

Next Friday, I have an interview with Davina Parmet and then the following Monday I have an interview with the Executive Director of Bacon Street, Sandy Fagan.  I’m looking forward to these interviews and at that point, I’ll probably wrap up my interviewing and start focusing on my researching, which is still confusing to me.

Happy Friday!


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