Work Journal #6

Monday, April 19th

I received an e-mail from Mr. Jim Coomer, who I had interviewed earlier.  Apparently, my e-mail ended up in his junk e-mail box, but he was still able to provide me with my list of contacts I requested.  I e-mailed three of the contacts, Mr. Lafiandra, Mrs. Kane, and Professor Edwards.  I am not sure I will have the time or necessity to talk to them all.  I mostly would like to speak with Professor Edwards, whom I had already e-mailed and had not heard back from.  He is a Professor Emeritus at William and Mary.  He taught government here for a number of years, and we also read an article in class that he wrote on change and growth in Williamsburg in Williamsburg, Virginia: A City Before the State.  He has been on the James City County Board of Supervisors, and really engaged in population growth and knows a lot about subdivision growth in Williamsburg.  Mr. Coomer was able to provide me with an alternate e-mail address from Professor Edwards, so I hope I get a response!

(On a second note, e-mails take such a long time for me to draft!  I probably have spend more time drafting e-mails than in an interview or two. This preliminary step is often the most labor intensive, and you might not even get a response!)

Tuesday, April 20


Wednesday, April 21st

I had my 2nd interview, this time it was with Mrs. Nancy Hess at her home in Williamsburg around 3:30 pm.  The interview went well, but ran longer than expected (about 2 hours).  We talked about her decision to move to Williamsburg, and the close community that surrounds her.  We also chatted a bit after the interview.  

I have discovered that most of the people I have interviewed have come here from up north.  They also have come in the early to late 1990s.  Her mother lived in Chambrel (a retirement community here), and I was able to get Mrs. Hess’ opinion on Chambrel, of which she had positive opinions.  I indexed for Steve later that afternoon.  He interviewed Danny Michels, a student at William and Mary who has his own radio show on WCWM, which is a student radio station.  It was interesting to index for someone who had a project very unrelated to mine; in fact, I learned some interesting things from this interview because I didn’t know William and Mary had it’s own student radio station.  I also was kind of intrigued by the types of music Danny Michels was talking about- some of it I had never heard of before. 

Thursday, April 22nd

I received an e-mail from Professor Jack Edwards, a Professor Emeritus at William and Mary. I’m very interested to talk with him.  I e-mailed him back with times that would work for me, and hope to find a mutual time to meet next week.  Uploaded first interview to my computer, but have not started to transcribe yet.

Friday, April 23rd


Saturday, April 24th

Interview at 9 am with Mr. Donald Beck and Mrs. Susie Beck.  Grace helped index, and asked a few questions at the end about her project.  They are a couple that Grace and I know, and have gone to dinner at their house.  Mr. Beck is a William and Mary alum (’62) and Mrs. Beck is an honorary alum.  Mr. Beck is still very active in the W&M community, and has been retired for some 20 years.  Mrs. Beck still works in real estate, in fact, she had to show a house that day, so we could only talk with her for a few minutes.  The interview was very nostalgic, and Mr. Beck talked a great deal about what life was like at W&M for him, especially Greek life.

Went shopping at the Williamsburg Pottery, mostly in search of some houseplants.  I decided to explore it a little more because I’ve been interested in learning more about the Pottery, which was established in 1938.  I used to go there when I was little with my parents, and I remember it was really popular, back in the early 90s.  Now, it’s basically a ghost town!  I saw lots of parking lots that are overgrown, and buildings that have been shut down.  They still have a few shops that I guess people go to; I went to the plant shop, a linen store (which had a closed down cafeteria in the back), and a kitchen store.  It’s a really interesting place.  I tried to connect what I remembered from my childhood to what I saw on Saturday.  I am planning to go back with my mom soon to do some shopping and reminisce.  

I received the e-mail from Professor Edwards, and we have decided to meet at 3:30 pm on Monday in Miller Hall. 

Sunday, April 25th

I copied a lot of documents at the Williamsburg Regional Library two weeks ago, and also have a good amount of secondary sources that I have started to read through attempting to make connections of each.  I am starting to write up little summaries of each article I have, and hopefully I will be able to make connections from each of these summaries.

 I also developed questions for the Professor Edwards interview:

Personal Background Information:

– What is your age?

–  How long have you lived in Williamsburg?

– Are you a native of Williamsburg, and if not, where did you live before Williamsburg?

– What did you do before you retired? Jobs? Education? Any children?

– I read you were on city council for a while, what encouraged you to get involved with the local government here?

– Can you describe your relationship with William and Mary?

Williamsburg and Change:

– How has Williamsburg changed economically, socially, and politically?

– How has the development of the interstate highway system affected growth seen in Williamsburg?

– How have subdivisions affected the growth of Williamsburg? Are you familiar with the amount of retired individuals who move into subdivisions?

Williamsburg and Retirement:

– What were some of your experiences like in Williamsburg pre-retirement?

– What influenced your decision to retire in Williamsburg and not somewhere else?

– What are some of the things you enjoy doing in Williamsburg today? What are some of the activities you participate in that are specific to the retirement lifestyle/scene?

– What amenities do you personally believe the area has for retired individuals?  Can you name some things that you think attract people to retire in Williamsburg?

– In what ways have you seen ‘Williamsburg as a retirement community’ evolve?  Do you think it will always attract retirement age individuals?

– What are your opinions on William and Mary’s interaction with retirement age individuals in Williamsburg?

– I have looked over some of the past annual commission reports, and in the 1980s, the 65+age group spiked. How did the local government at the time react? Did they see this as an advantage?

– This question is not specific to Williamsburg, but do you think the concept of  ‘active retirement’ is a new idea in America? 

– I looked in a few old Williamsburg phone books from the 1970s and there is no mention of even a nursing home in the Williamsburg area.  Where did the 65+ crowd in Williamsburg go? Was the concept of ‘retirement’ different pre 1980?

– Are you familiar with the advertising techniques that retirement communities have used? Do you believe these are effective at drawing people into Williamsburg?

Your Experience with Williamsburg Landing:

– I heard that you recently moved to Williamsburg Landing. Where did you live before that?

– What were some of the things that drew you to move to Williamsburg Landing?

– Can you describe the type of ‘lifestyle’ the Landing has to offer?

– How did you feel about the development of Williamsburg Landing in 1985?

To Do:

– Interview with Professor Edwards Monday

– Return Kit/Get recorded interviews by end Monday, get recorded interviews by end of the day Tuesday

– Transcribe interview by Friday (not sure which one I want to do yet, because I believe the Jack Edwards interview will be useful so I need to see how that goes)

– Type up the Danny Michels index I did for Steve, submit to blackboard by Friday

– Listen to older WDP interviews on Dspace that might be helpful for my project

– Possibly organize archive materials in a binder

– Start drawing conclusions from my multiple sources

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  1. 1 iaknig April 26, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    Great work, Paula. Prof. Edwards received a commendation of the VA General Assembly that answers some of your basic questions–I’m bring it to the interview. See you in a few minutes.

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