Work Journal 4/26

4.19.10:  Spent the afternoon looking at the United Daughters of the Confederacy papers in Swem Special Collections to research the Monument to Confederate Soldiers.  This had a lot of information including news clippings from dedication and rededication ceremonies and descriptions of when the monument was moved, which has happened three times.  I still need to flesh out some details on this monument and hope to get back to Special Collections to continue looking at this information.

4.20.10:  Continued to talk to potential interviewees, finalized timing for interviewing Drew Gruber, the VCU student on DOG Street.

4.21.10:  Interviewed Drew Gruber at the Nicolson Store, where Drew lives.  This was a great interview as Drew has a bachelor’s degree in Historic Preservation and is working on a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning giving him a great insight into what can be done to preserve the Civil War resources in the city.  Drew has been active in attempts to preserve the Williamsburg Battlefield.  He was also able to provide some insight on a few other projects, I will discuss some of that in class.

4.22.10:  Continued correspondence with potential interviewees, scheduled an informal interview Jackson Tuttle.

I also borrowed two books from Sarah Glosson published by Colonial Williamsburg concerning the history of the town.  These include some good information on the Battle of Williamsburg but, like Colonial Williamsburg in general, focus mostly on the Revolutionary era, but this provides a good insight into the approach the Foundation takes.

4.23.10:  My hard drive crashed.  I had planned to spend this afternoon in Special Collections looking at the UDC papers a bit more, but instead I spent most of the afternoon recovering what I could.  I have been able to recover most of the major things I had saved for the project but did lose an afternoon of working time and will need to stay on top of things next week.

4.24.10:  Began transcribing the interview with Drew Gruber and looking through the books I borrowed from Sarah.

4.25.10:  Continued transcribing interview with Drew.

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  1. 1 iaknig April 26, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    Great stuff, Brian. I’m glad the hard drive crash wasn’t a disaster–though I’m really sorry it kept you out of Special Collections, where it sounds like you’re finding good materials.

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