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This week was my busiest week all semester, with my senior recital for my music major on top of many other things and big assignments due for other classes.

Tuesday April 20:

Did a little bit more of the Cabot Wade transcription, I find it is much less intimidating if you tackle it just a couple minutes at a time when free rather than sitting down for a marathon transcription session. Almost done!

Thursday April 22:

Sifted through more old issues of the Flat Hat and, as always, was not quick to find anything huge, just some more advertisements and littler stories covering music on and around campus.

Friday April 23:

Typed up the indexes from the Cabot Wade interview as well as the Steve Tatum interview. Did a little more work on the Cabot Wade transcription and called it a night.

Sunday April 25:

More Flat Hat browsing. Started piecing things together for the final project as well as the archives that I have to turn in on Friday.

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  1. 1 iaknig April 26, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Good work, Andrew. Smart strategy on the transcribing (basically, I think the rule there is whatever works for you–I know some people who prefer those marathon sessions!).

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