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Coming off a much less productive week last week, this week I knew I had to hunker down and get some work done. I did a lot of listening to old interviews that Professor Knight had suggested I take a look at. This really helped me conceptualize teenage life in Williamsburg in the past. I was then able to meet with Mr. Randy Casey-Rutland who was able to give some good information on present-day New Town/teen social spaces. I achieved most of my goals for the week but I still have some final things to work on coming up.

Monday: Spent some time in the microforms. Noticed one article from 1968 that mentioned teenage disruptions in the town…Unfortunately I had to leave and go to class before I could really press further. This is an area I’m really planning on devoting some time to this week; the way teens are depicted in the newspaper, which could be considered a social unifier (at least for the literate and those with the means to subscribe—and idea of community interesting in itself), is very telling and applicable to my project. So, I’ll be spending some time in Swem basement this week.

Tuesday: I listened to the Sharon and Billy Scruggs interview Tamurlaine and Susanah conducted in ’07. I also began listening to the Timothy Sullivan interview from the same year.

Wednesday: Finalized my interview plans with Randy Casey-Rutland, who is part of New Town management. Went to meet with Professor Knight but ended up being able to get a quick peek at the rest of the New Town stuff in Sarah’s office. Wondering, can I actually take that stuff out of College Apts? Or would you guys rather I read it in there…?

Thursday: INTERVIEW CENTRAL! Finished listening to the Timothy Sullivan interview, listened to parts of the Edith Heard one as well. Also prepared for my interview the next day with Mr. Casey-Rutland.

Friday: Interview day! The interview went very well. Morgan was able to index for me on rather short notice (thanks again, Morgan!) and she was able to get in some questions of her own which was good. The interview, again, went well. Mr. Casey-Rutland was very accommodating and willing to speak on most of the questions I asked. It was really great to get his perspective on the whole thing. I also, at Professor Knight’s suggestion, tried to reach Danielle Zielinski at the Daily Press after attempts at emailing her were futile. She no longer works there, and unfortunately they don’t know what she’s up to or where she is these days.

Saturday: Listened to parts of the Robert Braxton interview that Prof. Knight had suggested.

Sunday: Day of rest. Also, roommate’s birthday. Actually, we went to a tavern (Elizabeth!!)

All in all, again I feel this past week was productive, especially in being able to historicize social spaces of Williamsburg throughout the ages. This week I hope to dedicate my time to Swem basement and I’d love to make it to New Town a few times, maybe conduct some informal interviews with business owners, etc.

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  1. 1 iaknig April 26, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Good work, Sarah–glad you feel like it’s starting to come together. You can certainly take those clippings from Sarah’s office–just please take care of them, and make sure they get back to us.

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