Work Journals, week 2

TUESDAY:  Found a cool video here…
…it’s all about how my generation is a product of online social media outlets like myspace, twitter, and the like.  Though music is not a central theme to the film, it is definitely informing my understanding of how and why modern American adolescents and twenty-somethings are so obsessed with forming and cultivating relationships through digital means.  I streamed most of the video online today, but I’ll be sure to pick up a copy at Swem this week (according to their online catalog, good ol Earl Gregg should have a copy available right now).  Also, I’ve been brainstorming about who I could potentially interview (I would like to speak with Brad Squires, so I think I will keep him at the top of the list).

WEDNESDAY:  I’ve been thinking a lot about whom I should be interviewing, and I’ve come to the conclusion that, as important and fruitful as it will surely be to conduct an interview with a wiser, more sagacious, older musician (or other member of the music community) living in Williamsburg, I also strongly believe that my project is unique in that it is focused on my social peers.  As such, I need to talk with some younger people who are at the forefront of the digital revolution.  Today, I called my friend Danny M. and left a message inquiring about whether he could help me in some respect.

THURSDAY:  First off, Danny M., my WCWM contact, returned my call, and I’m very excited to be talking with him.  We’ve decided that the end of next week would probably work for both of us, but that we might have to wait until next weekend (first week of April?).  I’ll be sure to e-mail the class when we’ve firmed up a time.  Danny and I have spoken at length before on the topic of music and I know that he will have some great stuff to say about how he views his relationship, as a college DJ, to the student body, and to the rest of the Williamsburg community.

FRIDAY:  didn’t do as much as I would have liked.  searched through some magazines at barnes n noble over a coffee for pertinent stuff; found little.

SATURDAY:  Focused on sources today…found a book called Society Online:  Internet in Context that has a pretty pertinent section entitled The disembodied muse : music  in the Internet age (written by Wendy Griswold and Nathan Wright).  The book was published in 2004, so while it’s not as up-to-the-minute as it could be, I have been having dome trouble finding legit sources that are also recent.  Note:  I need to check bibliographies for more sources.  Another book good for some more background reading…The digital songstream : mastering the world of digital music (Brad Hill, 2003).

SUNDAY:  worked on map for Tuesday’s class (interesting and telling project), read some Amato.  I remembered that I had the Virginia Gazette article that Professor Knight found.  Naturally, I looked this over.  The article is about the recent closing of the Plan 9 Music Store on Monticello Ave.  This only affirms my desire to do an interview with Brad Squires, as he has some interesting quotes in the article.  It would also be enlightening to speak with the former owner of Plan 9, just to bounce some ideas around…

MONDAY:  finished the Amato reading for this week; excited about how much this will complement some of the theoretical aspects of my project.

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  1. 1 sgglos March 30, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Simon Frith writes broadly on issues surrounding Rock music and society. Swem has many of his books, but check Amazon to see if there is anything very recent that the library does not yet have. (Also, check with me if something is checked out – I have a few of his out right now.) Frith would be a good place to start for bibliographies if nothing else.

  2. 2 iaknig March 30, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    Steve–good work, but you really need to get on contacting Brad Squires. I suspect that, despite the facts that he is a bricks and mortar shop person (though he does promote his store on the web–and think he was doing that with Echoes a bit, too), he has thought long and hard about some of these things. Also, the suggestion to talk to Chris Kelly seems like a very good one.

    The link you provide at the start doesn’t work (since it’s through first search, it expires). What’s the title of what you’re looking at?

    I just searched “music communities online” on Google scholar (not the most sophisticated search tool–but a place to start; scholar is under the “more” tab at the top of the Google browser page) and it looks like there might be a couple of interesting and recent things that pop just in the first couple of pages of results.

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