Work Journal #2

Monday, March 22nd: n/a

Tuesday, March 23rd: Talked with Mr. Whitehead, the marketing director at Williamsburg Landing, by e-mail.  While he did not feel he should do a formal interview, I’m assuming because of his position, we arranged to meet on Friday at 2 pm to talk about Williamsburg Landing.  He suggested that I look over the Williamsburg Landing website before coming to meet with him.

Wednesday, March 24th: Stopped by Swem. Located the phone books for retirement community Ads!

Thursday, March 25th: E-mailed Ms. Peggy King, the head of the Victim/Witness program for James City County/Williamsburg. She has lived in Williamsburg, and I wanted to ask her if she knew of anyone worth talking to.  She recommended her next-door neighbor, and we are currently working to set up a meeting time with her neighbor. I re-read some of the articles on retirement communities, specifically those in areas where there are colleges.  I also looked over the Williamsburg Landing website, as Mr. Whitehead suggested.

Friday, March 26th: Finalized questions for Mr. Whitehead.  Went to meet with him at 2 pm at the marketing office at Williamsburg Landing.  I had never seen the retirement community before and totally didn’t realize that it is like a mile from my apartment.  The area that I saw looked very new and upscale.  It was a rainy day, so I did not see any members of the community outside, or drive around much.  At our meeting we discussed how Williamsburg Landing is different from other retirement communities around.  He also gave me a package that the marketing office gives to potential buyers and explained the price options.  He told me about all the areas they have from independent living, assisted living, and a facility to care for individuals with dementia, etc. We talked about the ‘type’ of individual that usually moves into the Landing and about members’ involvement in the Christopher Wren Association. We also talked about marketing techniques he has used in the past 2 or so years he has worked there.  I do not want to go into too much detail because that will be in my final report.

We decided that we would e-mail each other as I develop my project and had further questions or need for clarification.  Because he has a senior level position at the landing, I understand the need to not have interviews on tape, so I will e-mail him for all my research.  He recommended that I potentially interview one of the residents at the Landing who they sometimes bring in to talk to potential buyers.

Saturday, March 27th: n/a

Sunday, March 28th: Read over the materials I received from Mr. Whitehead. Sent an e-mail to the Christopher Wren Association seeing if I could meet with someone to talk about the dynamic between the retirement community and the school.

Materials I Received at Williamsburg Landing:

– Info package given to potential buyers.

– Ad used to advertise the Landing in a Northern Virginia newspaper.

– Articles from the weekly newsletter on members who were involved in the Christopher Wren Association.

To Do:

– Buy a pretty box to keep all my research materials in

– Look for an e-mail response from a CWA member

– Make copies of retirement/nursing home Ads in old phone books at Swem

– Start analyzing my data

– Read through print offs from the databases (more statistical/theoretical work)

– I really need to go to Special Collections (looking to do this on Wednesday)

2 Responses to “Work Journal #2”

  1. 1 iaknig March 30, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    Good work, Paula. (The box you get doesn’t need to be pretty, by the way–just functional; though if you prefer pretty, that’s fine.) One thing you mentioned in your class report today was that Mr. Whitehead said that the Landing doesn’t market itself up North any more (at least that’s what I jotted in my notes). Did they use to? If so, why did they stop?

  2. 2 sgglos March 31, 2010 at 11:52 am

    I would encourage you to take up Mr. Whitehead on the offer to interview (or chat with) the resident who often speaks to potential residents. That sounds like a terrific opportunity.

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