Work Journal 2

Monday, 3.22

Tasks undertaken: looked at materials Professor Knight gave me relating to my topic and took notes; will need to share information with music group and see what they have found from their sources.

*In a recent article (March 17) in the Gazette, “The Day the Music Died” by Steven Vaughan, the closure of Plan 9 was discussed. Brad Squires was quoted in the article, he once owned Echoes at Williamsburg Shopping Center which sold out to Plan 9, as well as Bruce Hornsby. I would like to talk to Squires about the music market in Williamsburg, which he mentioned isn’t thriving. I know that Steve checked out where Plan 9 used to be last week and Squires is a person of interest for us both.

Tuesday, 3.23

Tasks undertaken: Met with music group before class: distributed more materials and gave project updates, including who we are planning on contacting. My first interviewee contact is Sam Eure.

*Took a look at Lewis McGehee: Professor Knight mentioned Lewis McGehee on a comment to one of my posts because Bruce Hornsby had mentioned him in the Hampton Roads article I looked at, and he is another local renowned musician. Would he be a good contact? More information about McGehee can be found at:

Background Notes:

  • On the second website, from an interview with Lewis McGehee, I found some preliminary information about this artist. He is from Richmond, Virginia and is a William & Mary graduate with a B.A. in Philosophy.
  • He performed the opening act for Bruce Hornsby on a 15-city tour and also toured with artists such as Talking Heads, Robert Palmer, Christine McVie, Christopher Cross, and John Prine.
  • While performing in New York’s Greenwich Village, Lewis was discovered by Terry Cashman and Tommy West (Jim Croce’s producers ). Lewis’ debut album on Lifesong Records was released worldwide.”

Wednesday, 3.24

Tasks undertaken: Looked up Sam Eure, “Sammy Lee”, online again and started to plan my interview topics/questions.

Sites visited:

Notes from “Sammy Lee” Facebook page: About the Artist:

  •  Born in Texas, “raised on Southern tradition”, grew up in a military family and moved around; lived for seven years in Hawaii; learned to strum the ukulele, sister danced the Hula
  • Which instruments does he play? When did he start learning/playing each instrument?
  • Sound described as “part acoustic soul, part rhythm and blues” and has a “rich baritone voice”
  • Sings popular cover songs, currently compiling/recording his first studio album*
  • Also a poet, published poet since age 9, and wrote his first song on the piano at age 11
  • W&M graduate; got a B.A. in Government, was in The Stairwells A Capella group, and Sigma Chi fraternity
  • Since he graduated in ’07, he has been performing in the Williamsburg area and venues across VA and into D.C.; he also teaches guitar lessons locally

Thursday, 3.25

Tasks undertaken: Look for relevant articles in VA Gazette


* “Irish Tenor sings solo: weekend concert benefits Heritage Humane Society” By Ann Efimetz, published Wednesday March 24. This article talks about the benefit concert performed by renowned Irish tenor Anthony Kearns, accompanied by pianist Patrick Healy.

*The same author also wrote an article I found on the online Gazette called “Williamsburg Magazine PERSON OF THE MONTH: Mary Eason Fletcher”, published on Monday, March 22nd. Mary Eason Fletcher is a faculty member at the College of William and Mary giving music lectures and voice instruction. The article explains that she gave voice lessons to Rob Henry who is a singer that will be recording for “4Troops”- this is a new music group on the Masterworks label; this CD that supports the troops will be released this month.

Friday, 3.26

Tasks undertaken:  Looked for upcoming performances I would be interested in attending.

*Tuesday, starting at 7PM “Sammy Lee” performs at the Center Street Grill in New Town

*The Smith-Wade Band is playing on Wednesday, April 7 at JM Randall’s

[*No tours are currently scheduled for Bruce Hornsby]

*Schedule of live music at Squires Everyday Gourmet at:

Sunday, March 27

Tasks undertaken: called Sam Eure, “Sammy Lee”, and emailed him- will hopefully schedule an interview with him for next week; also contacted friends of his and set goals for next week.

 *Goals for next Week:

  1. Hear back from Sam and hopefully schedule an interview (time and date), see who is willing to index/co-interview with me.
  2. Try to make it to Center Street Grill at 7PM on Tuesday to hear Sam perform; see if anyone else is interested in coming with me (and has a car…).
  3. Check in with music group, Andy and Steve, and see if they have any interviews lined up; Steve is planning on contacting Brad Squires and I want to help with that interview.
  4. Prepare questions for interview and finish doing background research; (if Sam agrees to interview) email/send him information about the interview and the Deeds.
  5. Plan for my next interview and contact next interviewee.

2 Responses to “Work Journal 2”

  1. 1 iaknig March 30, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    Good work, Grace. Seems like it would be worth you, Andy, and Steve maybe collaborating to get out to JM Randalls for the Smith-Wade Band show.

  2. 2 sgglos March 31, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    I think we’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: all of you should be present for the interview with Brad Squires. He will be a terrific resource for you all. I would make that a priority.

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