Sasinowski Mapping Reflections Essay

Mapping Exercise: April 16, 2009

Time Place Activity
12 am-8 am Ludwell 300B: Bedroom Reading in bed, then sleeping
8:00 -9:30 am Ludwell 300B: Living Room (my desk) & Kitchen Waking up, eating breakfast, reading MSN online
9:30-9:40 am Rolfe Rd, Jamestown Rd, Ukrops Dr., W& M Hall Lot Driving (me)
9:45-10:45 am W&M Rec Working out
10:50-11:00 am W&M Hall Lot, Ukrops Dr., Jamestown Rd, Rolfe Rd. Driving (me)
11:00-12:00 pm Ludwell 300B: Shower and bedroom Getting dressed
12:00-12:15 pm Rolfe Rd, Jamestown Rd. Walking
12:15-12:30 pm Campus Center Administrative Tasks: aka emailing
12:30-1:50 pm The Wren Building Class: Religion Class
1:50-2:00 pm Sunken Gardens to UC Walking
2:00-2:05 pm UC Waiting for friends to pick me up
2:05-2:10 pm Richmond Rd, Jamestown Rd, Route 199, John Tyler Highway Driving (Erin Soller)
2:10-3:40 pm Five Forks Café Eating and talking with Erin Soller, Catherine Wilkes, Lisa Batemen
3:40-3:45 pm John Tyler Highway, Route 199, Jamestown Rd., Rolfe Rd Driving (Erin Soller)
3:50-7:30 pm Ludwell 300B: Living Room (my desk) Working on Art History Paper
7:30-8:30 pm Ludwell 300B: Living Room (couch) and Kitchen Taking a break and eating dinner
8:30-10:00 pm Ludwell 300B: Living Room (my desk) Working on Art History Paper
10:00-10:30 pm Ludwell 300B: Living Room (couch) Talking with my roommate
10:30:11:45 pm Ludwell 300B: Living Room (my desk) Working on Art History Paper
11:45-12:00 am Ludwell 300B: Bathroom and Bedroom Getting ready for bed, reading, going to sleep

Reflective Essay

                This mapping experience provided an interesting experience for me to visually record a day at the end of my college experience. The assignment fit in really well with the overall experience of this class.  As I come to the end of my time at William and Mary, this class has forced me to look more closely at the environment in which I have spent my last four years.   I have visited more obscure locations in the Williamsburg area over the last few weeks than I have in during entire William and Mary career.  In fact, the day on which this assignment was conducted, I had already arranged to accomplish one of my research goals for my final WDP project: visiting the Five Forks Café for observational purposes.  I had never heard of this restaurant until last week; I was not sure where it was located and I certainly had never eaten there before.  In this way, the time table and map of my day on April 16th was fairly atypical for me.  While the types of activities I engaged in do reflect the sorts of things I do over the course of a normal day, the length of time and the location of those activities is fairly skewed.  A more in-depth analysis of the parts of my day on April 16th will illuminate these sorts of distinctions more clearly.

Going through my day chronologically, it seems appropriate to start at the very beginning.  However, a little background information may also be useful.  I live in the Ludwell Apartments off Rolfe Road with one other roommate, a fellow senior and member of Kappa Delta, in apartment 300B.  This apartment is located about a quarter of the way around the complex and on the first floor.  We have one bathroom, one living room area, and a kitchen.  When April 16, 2009 started, like most nights, I was in bed reading around midnight, falling asleep shortly after.  I woke up around 8 am to start the day of April 16th.  Also like most days, I had planned out most of my day the night before.  Roughly, I intended to go to the gym, go to class, get lunch, work on my art history paper.  The breakdown is slightly more detailed.

Since this class has been canceled on Thursdays, for the last few weeks I have gotten in the habit of going to the gym before my 12:30 class.  On this particular Thursday I did just that.  I am most protective of my time in the morning, however, so going to the gym in the morning means a little bit of planning.  I am insistent upon having at least an hour of morning to myself in which I make breakfast, drink coffee, and read the paper (or MSN online when I am here at school).  As you can imagine, this mean that no matter what I have to do in the morning, I have to tack an extra hour onto its start time.  Which means I usually work backward from whatever event I have scheduled in the morning: class 12:30 means being ready around 12:20 (if I’m going to drive) or 12:00 (if I’m going to walk), which means getting showered and dressed after the gym between 11 and noon, which means working out from 10 to 11, which means getting to the gym by 9:45, which means leaving Ludwell by 9:30 and ultimately means getting up around 8 to make sure I’ve got time for my quite morning.  So I got up at 8 am. Got coffee, read the paper, and was off to drive to the gym by 9:30ish.  This part of my day was pretty typical.

Going to the gym on a weekday for an hour is also fairly typical for me.  I teach Pilates at the Rec on Wednesdays and Fridays, but I try to go at least two other times on my own.   Going to class at 12:30 was also very typical for me; I’ve only missed my religion class once.  This was the first time that I walked to class from Ludwell, however.  I normally walk over from WDP class or drive and park in Williamsburg.  Lately, thanks to the good weather and beginning of tourist seasons, I’ve been having a hard time finding a parking spot in the Barnes and Noble parking lot (best kept, little known fact: they don’t ticket the Barnes and Noble lot).  So I walked.

After class on Thursdays, I have a weekly date with some of two of my girl friends.  Until the last two weeks, we have been meeting in Lodge One.  With my list of Southern restaurants to visit, however, I’ve suggested going to some of these local places.  When a few other friends found out about this project , they asked if they could join in on the tasting tour.  And so our group of five went to Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Q last week and decided on Five Forks Café for this week’s exhibition.  We met at the UC at 2 pm where Erin picked us up and we followed my Mapquest directions to Five Forks Café.   From the UC we drove down Richmond Road, toward s Colonial Williamsburg, and took Jamestown Road to Route 199 before finally making a left on John Tyler highway all the out past Farm Fresh.  We only had to turn around once before finding the restaurant.  A few hours and helpings of grits later, Erin drove us back to campus, dropping me of at Ludwell.  Eating lunch with my two girl friends was certainly not unusual for my Thursday afternoons, but going off campus in a group of five was a version of an ordinary event.

The remainder of my night was a little bit more atypical than the rest of my day, however.   I spent the rest of the night (from 3:45 onwards) in my apartment working on my Art History paper.  I do not usually work so long on one paper or for so long in one location without taking an extended break or switching studying spots.  I normally start losing focus and getting very antsy after sitting for hours in one place.  I started work at 3:45 with the intention that I would move to SWEM at 5 when I could drive and park my car in a Faculty/Staff spot without getting a ticket.  Five o’clock rolled around and I was in the middle of a research thought so I stayed a little longer in the apartment.  Six o’clock rolled around and I was starting to get hungry…I didn’t want to go to SWEM and come back to eat in the apartment when I got hungrier.  Then my roommate came home and I talked to her and ate dinner.  I went back to work on my paper.  Talked to my roommate some more, went back to work.  It was 11:45 and time for bed.  It was very atypical for me to stay there for so long.  I would not have worked so diligently in one place for so long if my roommate had been home the whole time or if I did not have the restriction on what time I could drive over to SWEM.

Overall, the first half of April 16th was normal for me but the second bit was pretty atypical given the length of time I spent in my apartment and the lack of group meetings or events that I usually attend in the evening.  The experience of recording this day was not too surprising for me.  I use Microsoft Outlook to plan my weeks and days fairly diligently.  I usually have a pretty good grip on how I spend my time and in what location.  The experience of visually recording this timeline on a map was interesting because I have never done it before.  At the same time, I am a very visual person and I often map out my day in my mind anyway. To this end, I did enjoy creating a drawing of my day.  I think having to write a reflective essay on how I spend my time was most valuable for me.  It has given me the chance to think about how I plan out my day and stick to that plan.  I realize that I sound pretty uptight with my time; I would prefer to think that I have a good sense of time management skills.  I have an innate ability to wake up literally the minute before my alarm.  It’s strange, but I like my time.


The Williamsburg Documentary Project (WDP) strives to collect and preserve the rich past of Williamsburg, Virginia. By conducting oral history interviews, building physical and digital archives, and creating online exhibits, the WDP interprets Williamsburg’s recent past. The WDP works towards developing a better understanding of Williamsburg by bringing together individuals, local groups, Colonial Williamsburg, and the College of William & Mary.

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