Journal – 4/27

This week was pretty productive on the Swem research side of things. I found some great articles in the Flat Hat about Chowning’s tavern in CW being a popular student hangout in the 1940s, and consequently about the possibility of shutting students out of the establishment due to their drunken, rowdy behavior. Some things never change. I plan to search the yearbooks of this time frame to see if there’s anything there regarding Chowning’s. I stopped by A Chef’s Kitchen last week, but Mr. Gonzales was not in, and I still haven’t heard from him as of yet. I feel like I have plenty of information to write about in terms of my topic, and certainly enough to fill the recommended page requirements. But I don’t feel like the information has much cohesiveness to it. I have bits and pieces of certain areas of interest that would’ve been worthwhile to look into further, but there just wasn’t time. I feel like I’m scraping the surface of a series of topics rather than following any kind of logical research path. I think I’ll come out with something worthwhile in the end; it just won’t be quite what I was expecting to find. But when does the end product ever look exactly how you thought it would when you envisioned it?


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