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This week, I did more research, looking at blog posts, e-mails, and web sites important to the anti- and pro-Nichol movements. I set up some interviews and communicated with some sources. I have a couple student interviews I’d like to do, now that I’ve gotten the interviews done with sources who are removed from campus. Also, I’m still trying to track down the founder of SavetheWrenCross.org, Vince Haley. Apparently he has been in Israel, but one of my sources said he was returning soon and that he would give me Haley’s contact information as soon as he gets back.

I still need to send all the my sources the release form. Many of them didn’t seem to understand why this is necessary, as they’re used to being interviewed by the media and have never had to sign forms releasing their interviews. Also, the signing of legal documents in general makes people uncomfortable. One of my sources said he wouldn’t sign the form until he’s seen my final report, which raises some chicken and the egg questions about whether I can use his information in my final report.

I’m ready to start writing.

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  1. 1 Arthur Knight April 22, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    This is a classic problem with doing oral history interviews with people accustomed to speaking with the media. In the instance of the person who won’t sign, please send him the form–perhaps if he sees the thing it will put his mind somewhat at ease. If not, then you will need to write your piece, using his materials as you see appropriate, and then send him the report and see if he’s willing to sign then. If he’s not, then we can talk about what you should do.

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