Journal 3/24-3/30

Journal 3/24 – 3/30/08
Nothing to report

Nothing to report

Nothing to report

I went to the CW archives to continue dredging through the primary materials for two hours. I haven’t found much of interest; just numbers. I’m still hopeful that I’ll find something of value if I go through the entire binder. I think it’s time to go over to the Rockefeller Library at some point. I want to look at maps of Williamsburg and make a digital film showing the evolution and placement of golf courses in town. With only six weeks left, I hope I can effectively use my time.

Hammer and I met for 30 minutes to talk about the interviews we have set up for Sunday. I also talked with him about how to limit the project. All the golf courses have Williamsburg addresses, but many are not within the city limits. It’d make it much easier for ourselves to keep it to that, or to even research how the city’s boundaries have changed over the years. But that could be more work than we’re willing to do.

Nothing to report

Hammer and I interviewed two members of the golf team, Jonas and Brent. They provided us with some insight into the golfing community. I interviewed Jonas and indexed Brent. They had some interesting things to say, especially since having played golf from an early age and coming from outside of Virginia, they offered a unique perspective of Williamsburg compared to the national golfing scene. But they also gave us the names and numbers of people who would be more helpful in the project. Transcribing the files will take forever, I fear. The next step is to contact the people recommended to us by the golf team. Also, I still haven’t been to the Golden Horseshoe and this week doesn’t look good either given’s dreadful forecast. I plan to go to the Rockefeller Library to look at their materials on Friday.

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  1. 1 Arthur Knight April 1, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    Solid work, Bobby. I have a map that shows the history of annexations to Williamsburg proper (you can see an animated version at:
    It’s missing the final annexation, which gives W’burg its present boundaries. If this supplies what you need–great. If you need to look at the original map, let me know and I’ll haul it out.

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