Mapping 3.18.08

For this assignment I utilized a map of the campus provided by Dr. Knight. In addition, I created a map and table showing my larger motions off campus. When looking at the two maps I find that on this particular day the majority of my daytime hours were spent at various sites on campus. After 3:30pm I was again off campus and doing the normal activities I would accomplish on a usual Tuesday with my family. This was a typical Tuesday for me.
For the sake of background, I am an American Studies senior and Anthropology minor. I am thirty-eight years old. My husband is active duty Navy. I have three children who are seventeen, fourteen and thirteen. Each of them is very active either working or engaging in church or sports activities. I am a full time student. I began taking classes five years ago in Weatherford, Texas at a community college where I took classes full time. We then moved to Brunswick, Maine for a year. I took that year off. We moved to Virginia in 2005. My husband chose orders here for two reasons. We hoped that the children world be able to stay in the same school for their entire high school career. I intended to study at Thomas Nelson for one year and then transfer to William and Mary, which is what I did. The following are my actions for March 18, 2008.
I awoke at 630am and began my day. I woke my children up but no longer assist them in their morning routine. I am not a morning person. I am grouchy in the morning. I am aware of this particular part of my personality and therefore I have minimal contact with the children now that they are able to prepare for school themselves and go to the bus stop or drive on their own to school. I utilize this early morning time to prepare myself for the day ahead. I left my house at 8:32 am and began the drive to Williamsburg. During my drive to Williamsburg I listened to CNN in my car and caught up on the day’s news. I parked in the Day Student parking behind Yates Hall upon my arrival. I then hurriedly walked the trail through the woods from Yates to the University Center, then across Old Campus and to the American Studies Building for my 9:30 American Studies 470 – Popular Literature and the Practice of Reading taught by Wendy Korwin.
For my next class, The Williamsburg Documentary Project, I stayed in the same classroom. I am most comfortable with this particular group of people of any of my classes. There are very few of them that I did not know from previous classes and I am confident in the project I am doing and its overall value to the course. I always feel prepared for this class and have been intensely interested in how the various projects will come to fruition.
At 12:30pm, I walked to Washington Hall for Anthropology 350 – Archaeology of Colonial Encounters taught by Maria Cruz. I find the class very interesting but I am not very comfortable with the subject matter and the other students in the class. I like the archaeology but it covers a wide swath of time and various colonizing forces for which I do not necessarily have the historical background to analyze. Her area of research is Africa and most of the readings are connected to areas that I do not have previous knowledge of. Today, we did not have class so I went across Jamestown Road and ate at the Marketplace at the Student Center.
At 1:00pm I arrived at the Student Center and ate a flat bread pizza. This is my typical fare. On occasion I go downtown and eat at Seasons. Usually my greatest concern is economic so the majority of the time I eat the same thing at the Marketplace. Dining is an area that I have observed the greatest diversity of stability and change that has occurred during my time at William and Mary. The first semester I was here, I was on campus five days a week. I purchased a meal plan that allowed me sixty meals during the semester. I ate on campus every day but found that the most convenient place for me to eat was at the Marketplace. I expected it to be at the Caf or the UC but I was wrong. Occasionally I ate at the UC if I had a later class and I never ate at the Caf until this past semester, my third on campus. Now I either eat at the Market place but I also frequently venture to either Season’s or Lenny’s Gourmet off campus.
At 2:30pm, I went back across Jamestown Road to Washington Hall and attended Anthropology 322 – Archaeology of North America taught by Dr. Gallivan. This class is about indigenous peoples in the Americas and is not only highly interesting to me but also gives me great background information for my project in the Williamsburg Documentary Project.
I finished my classes and left campus at 3:30pm. I then drove back to my home in Poquoson, picked up children from school, did household chores and laundry. At 5:30pm I got back in my car. It was my day to carpool my fourteen year old boy and two of his friends to a specialty gym in Chesapeake where they are doing off season conditioning training for football which begins at 6:45pm. They got out of class at 8:20pm and then we stopped at Boston Market for dinner before the long drive back to Poquoson. Luckily this day traffic was not bad either way. It was an easy drive with no major obstacles to our progress either there or back.
At 9:50pm I arrived back at home. I finished the laundry, took he dog outside and then prepared for bed. At 11:40pm, I went to bed – exhausted. As I lay in bed I thought about the day’s activities. I wondered how my activates differed from the other students in the class. The choices they make today will determine the day they have on the third Tuesday of March in their thirty eighth year. How will their choices be different? Each person has his or her own personal journey that will be different from everyone else. I do not regret any of the decisions I have made in my life. They have taken me down a different path that has arrived at the intersection with many much younger students who are on a different road. Their journey will be different from mine in many ways but in some it will be the same. We will follow each other’s progress throughout the rest of this semester. Many of them will continue to chart the progress of their classmates much further into their lives, perhaps for the rest of their lives. I will not, my journey is different.
Each step that I have taken has lead me to the place that I am now. I can think about Williamsburg and how I interact with it. However that interaction will always be different for me than it is for those who are spending a different section of their lives here. Williamsburg in general and William and Mary specifically are the place where I go (not live but go) to continue my journey as a person. That person is affected by the different roles I play such as wife and mother but William and Mary is about my journey as a person, not as a role. It is an integral part of the person that I am who is in a process of becoming.


The Williamsburg Documentary Project (WDP) strives to collect and preserve the rich past of Williamsburg, Virginia. By conducting oral history interviews, building physical and digital archives, and creating online exhibits, the WDP interprets Williamsburg’s recent past. The WDP works towards developing a better understanding of Williamsburg by bringing together individuals, local groups, Colonial Williamsburg, and the College of William & Mary.

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