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Journal 3/24-3/30

Journal 3/24 – 3/30/08
Nothing to report

Nothing to report

Nothing to report

I went to the CW archives to continue dredging through the primary materials for two hours. I haven’t found much of interest; just numbers. I’m still hopeful that I’ll find something of value if I go through the entire binder. I think it’s time to go over to the Rockefeller Library at some point. I want to look at maps of Williamsburg and make a digital film showing the evolution and placement of golf courses in town. With only six weeks left, I hope I can effectively use my time.

Hammer and I met for 30 minutes to talk about the interviews we have set up for Sunday. I also talked with him about how to limit the project. All the golf courses have Williamsburg addresses, but many are not within the city limits. It’d make it much easier for ourselves to keep it to that, or to even research how the city’s boundaries have changed over the years. But that could be more work than we’re willing to do.

Nothing to report

Hammer and I interviewed two members of the golf team, Jonas and Brent. They provided us with some insight into the golfing community. I interviewed Jonas and indexed Brent. They had some interesting things to say, especially since having played golf from an early age and coming from outside of Virginia, they offered a unique perspective of Williamsburg compared to the national golfing scene. But they also gave us the names and numbers of people who would be more helpful in the project. Transcribing the files will take forever, I fear. The next step is to contact the people recommended to us by the golf team. Also, I still haven’t been to the Golden Horseshoe and this week doesn’t look good either given’s dreadful forecast. I plan to go to the Rockefeller Library to look at their materials on Friday.

A Not So Typical Day

March 18, 2008 was not a typical day for me. Well, not for the most part at least. Over the course of my day I did perform typical activities like showering, brushing my teeth, and eating meals, but I did these things in Martinsville, VA and Greensboro, NC. This is somewhat of a departure from my usual location in Williamsburg, VA. I was with the William and Mary Choir on our annual Spring, which began on March 14th and took us up to Maryland and then back down through Virginia to North Carolina. Our days generally consisted of many long bus rides, vocal rehearsals, and choral concerts. By the time each day was through, everyone was sufficiently exhausted and usually went straight to bed upon arriving at the house of a host family. March 18th was the fifth and final full day of our journey and it proved to be another day of travel, exploration, and, of course, singing. Continue reading ‘A Not So Typical Day’


March 17, 2008
Sent out e-mails to Charley Maloney and Libbey Oliver asking to meet with them and discuss their experiences with local food in Williamsburg. Finished entries for 1963
Continue reading ‘Journal’

Mapping 3.18.08

For this assignment I utilized a map of the campus provided by Dr. Knight. In addition, I created a map and table showing my larger motions off campus. When looking at the two maps I find that on this particular day the majority of my daytime hours were spent at various sites on campus. After 3:30pm I was again off campus and doing the normal activities I would accomplish on a usual Tuesday with my family. This was a typical Tuesday for me. Continue reading ‘Mapping 3.18.08’

A Piece of My Mapping Mind

I did not understand the complexity of this assignment when I began to record the happenings of Tuesday, March 18, 2008 from midnight to midnight. I did not expect to have any problems with it, even though I have never created a map, to scale or otherwise, that did not consist of simple driving directions sketched on a post-it note or cocktail napkin. I also did not think that it would be terribly interesting or enlightening to track my movements across campus. With that said, I also did not expect this mapping assignment to consume my thoughts on March 18, 2008, but it did. I went through three stages while constructing this assignment. First, the simple documentation of my day, second, the construction of my original map, and last, but certainly the most difficult, the reflection on what was a very boring day. Continue reading ‘A Piece of My Mapping Mind’

Mapping My Day

I already knew that my world was small and contained, but seeing this on paper made it all the more apparent. My life happens in a triangle, with Richmond Road and Jamestown Road as its edges, and the only two times I veered out of this triangle were outliers that do not normally occur in my daily routine. Continue reading ‘Mapping My Day’

March 18, 2008

March 18, 2008

My visual representation of March 18th is a study in both monotony and postmodern cartography. I say this only half-jokingly.
The challenge of this assignment was to portray the passage of time and action within a defined geographic location. I found it cumbersome and impractical to document a detailed account of my own actions within a normal scaled map, the kind that purports to accurately represent space in terms of natural boundaries and urban infrastructure (i..e. lakes, rivers, streets, buildings). Instead, I tried to represent time and place and action by modeling my map on the standard twelve-hour clock. Instead of focusing on place in a given area, I emphasize temporality. That said, I do not wholly disregard ideas of space (this is, after all, supposed to be a map.) Continue reading ‘March 18, 2008’

Work update 03-18 to 03-25

I am tempted, considering Austin’s message right below mine, to just write “ditto.” In handing off The Virginia Informer to a new editor in chief next year, I’ve also been up to 4AM getting everything done. I am going to be able to refocus almost entirely on this project in another week or so as the other due dates for other classes come and go (and are hopefully met) and as The Informer new staff is well on their merry way.

Journal #2

My life has been out of control since I started as editor-in-chief of The Flat Hat, as I’ve been training the new staff and often staying up until 4 a.m. to finish up the paper. Anyway, I haven’t made headway on my project yet. I have big plans and promise to have an exciting, substantive blog post next week.

Work Journals: Week of March 18

Tuesday, March 18

Met with WDP class and Dr. Knight today. I have decided to focus my report on the desegregation of the Williamsburg Theatre.

Wednesday, March 19

Met with Dr. Knight at the College apartments to talk about potential interviewees. He talked about interviewing a local schoolteacher who said that she remembered the Williamsburg Theatre desegregating after a showing of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” He looked up the film in The Flat Hat database and found a column from Wayne Kernodle about Williamsburg folkways. He said he would try to get in contact with Kernodle, and that we would keep in touch.

Thursday, March 20

Received an e-mail from Dr. Knight saying that Mr. Kernodle was a must for an interview. Read the entirety of Dr. Knight’s paper, “Porn goes to College.” Found it particularly fascinating that the College was a stage for a cultural battleground that still—at least to some point—exists today (i.e. Sex Workers’ Art Show). The paper does not directly relate to my paper, but it shows how cinema can be the focal point for debates on polemical social issues, as well as vehicles for rapid social change, like progress in regards to race.

Friday, March 21

Nothing to report.

Saturday, March 22

Got an interview with the Kernodle’s for Monday, March 31 at 3pm. Nothing to report.

Sunday, March 23

Nothing to report.

Monday, March 24

Read again all of Dr. Knight’s papers. Of particular interest was the history of black movie-going in Williamsburg, this time taking careful notes. Noted that local resident Bob Braxton had talked informally to Dr. Knight, but has not yet been interviewed. I will contact him for an interview. I have also reviewed the indices to all Williamsburg Theater Project interviews. I need to now listen to the interviews. I also penned a letter to the editor to the Virginia Gazette calling for interviewees.

Notes: This week was much more active than last, but I still feel like I could have more of a schedule. I am really excited to have established three ideas for interviews, and securing one: Wayne Kernodle. Hopefully, my currently unnamed schoolteacher interviewee will prove helpful. Mr. Braxton, too, should provide great insight into race and movie-going in Williamsburg.

To make myself work with a bit more structure, I’m going to make a week-long syllabus and try to stick to it. Here it goes:


WDP Class; Listen and take pertinent notes of all WTP interviews; Write journal and post on blog


Call Braxton and schedule an interview; Read Sklar and take notes; Meet with Dr. Knight and look over any interviews in his office that might be useful. Schedule a meeting at the CW museum. Write journal and post on blog.


Research the Virginia Gazette Database. Write journal and post on blog.


Research the Virginia Gazette Database. Write a journal and post on blog.


Research in Swem for secondary resources about black movie-going in America. Write a journal and post on blog.


Read and take note of secondary sources. Write a journal and post on blog.


Hopefully, by this time I will have secured three interviews and have a well-researched knowledge of black movie-going in America, as well as the general history of desegregation in America and in Williamsburg.

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The Williamsburg Documentary Project (WDP) strives to collect and preserve the rich past of Williamsburg, Virginia. By conducting oral history interviews, building physical and digital archives, and creating online exhibits, the WDP interprets Williamsburg’s recent past. The WDP works towards developing a better understanding of Williamsburg by bringing together individuals, local groups, Colonial Williamsburg, and the College of William & Mary.

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