Updated Questions

Updated Peer Questions –
1. Would you please state your full name for the Record? Are any of your names derived from your family? Sometimes names can have interesting anecdotes or coincidences, does this pertain to you?
2. Can you list the place or places that you have considered your home throughout your life… and a brief analysis on how these residencies have affected your growth as a person and your perception of place?
3. Are you an only child? or How do you fit in your line of siblings? How has this affected your personality?
4. What is the most valuable lesson that you have taken from nuclear family and how has it shaped your life?
5. What problem or problems bothered you the most about your high school and what would you do to change them?
6. Do you think a stranger could associate you with a place you are from? For example, my accent and use of colloquialisms are relative to southwestern Virginia. Why or Why not? Is there something that you are aware of that suggests your living or being raised in a certain area?
7. What are your parents’/guardians’ occupations, religious faiths, and political positions? With these categories as a guide, what belief do you most strongly share with your parents? And most strongly disagree?
8. What was or still is your favorite children’s book and why? If a children’s book does not come to mind…what is your favorite fictional piece and how has it affected your life?
9. Before officially enrolling at the College of William and Mary, what was your knowledge of Williamsburg, VA? How has this initial identification changed with your career here at the College?
10. When I say the word Golf what are your first thoughts concerning the subject?
11. Do you or any of your close friends or family members have any ties to the hobby? If yes, could you elaborate on these connections?
12. Have you ever lived in a Golf course community? If not, what would you suspect would be its differences from a more typical residency?


The Williamsburg Documentary Project (WDP) strives to collect and preserve the rich past of Williamsburg, Virginia. By conducting oral history interviews, building physical and digital archives, and creating online exhibits, the WDP interprets Williamsburg’s recent past. The WDP works towards developing a better understanding of Williamsburg by bringing together individuals, local groups, Colonial Williamsburg, and the College of William & Mary.

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